Our Story

Sugar Smooth Salon located in Salmon Arm, BC, is a retreat a place for all of your beauty needs. Locally owned and operated with services at reasonably affordable prices. Our focus is on smiles laughter and beauty. We are all women who enjoy helping others be the best that you can be. Services are available for both men and women. Sugar Hair Removal, Beautiful Bright Smiles Teeth Whitening, as well as Brow Tinting and Tooth Gems. Come by and enjoy a special little oasis.

Our Approach

What is Sugaring?

"Halawa" is what this type of hair removal system was called by the Egyptian women. In North America it is "Sugaring" It is an all natural, safe and effective way to remove hair. It does not leave permanent scars, our sugar leaves the skin soft smooth and silky. Body sugar is environmentally safe and can be used on men women and children. The sugar we use is not hot it is body temperature too so there is no burning of the skin and also it does not contain irritating chemicals that might harm the skin. Sugaring is: Pure and Natural and has not been tested on animals, there are no harmful side effects caused by allergies. It is so natural you can eat it! It is not hot Sanitary A Historical Fact: Sugaring was used to heal wounds during the Civil War as it helps to prevent infection while promoting healing.

Sugar Smooth Salon specializes in hair removal by Sugaring and offers other services of  Brow Tinting, Teeth Whitening, and Tooth Gems. Proudly serving Salmon Arm and surrounding areas.