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Body Sugaring

Achieve the look you want! Come visit our spa for the look of the future using body sugaring and enjoy the experience and   love the smoothness.

Facial Sugaring

Want to have your facial hair removed in the safest way? Keep calm and let me do your eyebrows. Sugaring is the least painful way and it lasts longer, too!

Brazilian Sugaring

There's a Brazilian reasons to get sugared at Sugar Smooth Salon. Go Sugar Smooth the easy way. Don’t let unwanted body hair keep you from having fun!

Since 1993

There's a

Brazilian Reasons to

get Sugared!

sugaring services-mission-bc

Want to have your hair removed in the safest way? You’ve come to the right place. Sugaring is the least painful way to get rid of all that unwanted hair that keeps growing - and it lasts longer, too!

Ingrown hairs? No problem, sugaring can take care of that. Irritation? Trust us, that doesn’t come with the sugaring technique.

Razor bumps? Put down that razor! Why use a razor all the time when you can simply do sugaring that lasts for a longer period of time? Come on and join the club- we’re positive that this all natural body sugaring method will be your best option.




We also offer Corsus Body Care Products!

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Sugar Smooth Salon specializes in hair removal by Sugaring and offers other services of  Brow Tinting, Teeth Whitening, and Tooth Gems. Proudly serving Salmon Arm and surrounding areas.